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Christening Albums versus Disk or Digital Only

My first born was up to her usual shenanigans at bath time, first call, second call – nada. As most parents know, when your three year old disappears and (especially) when she goes quiet – she’s up to mischief.

(Our other new game is to hide & wait for Dad to find us too)

So I quietly walked past the bedrooms peaking in to see if I could see any giggling toes hiding under beds or ajar wardrobes. I was way more surprised and happy with what I did find.

There was Aly, sitting quietly flipping through mumma’s photo album of her overseas travels. Looking at each photograph page by page, talking her time and gently turning the pages, with the occasional pause and deeper look at a particular photo that would catch her eye.

When Aly looked up, she saw me standing there watching her flip through this (what looked like) massive photo album sitting on her lap. Summoning me over, we sat together looking through these 20 year old images and I answered her questions about the places and people she had been looking at and enjoying.


The awesome part of this that really strikes a chord with me – Aly wasn’t flipping through her iPad looking at 100’s of random digital images and skimming. She was ‘reading’ the visual story of this physical photo album. Taking her time, enjoying the tactile experience of a photo album.

I have daily requests for ‘Digital Only’, ‘Just the Disk’, ‘Images on CD or USB’ from prospective clients as they’ll make their own album themselves.

This almost never happens unfortunately. (I have a few clients who are super awesome and creative and love building family books and albums!)

I don’t think I can count the number of times I hear families say “oh we have the disk somewhere” or “the computer crashed and we lost the images”, or “we tried making an album and it was just too hard”.

I don’t often look at my wedding album but I do on a regular basis, look through my children’s portraits hanging on my walls & through the books I have created for them because their value isn’t in the day they are created – its weeks, months and years later when during our busy lives we stop and look through albums of our children, marvelling how fast time has flow past.

Even my old wedding album, it’s not for me and my wife – that album is for my children.

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there is nothing quite like it – {Melbourne Christening Photographer}

Jelly Bean Photography - Christening Album


There is nothing quite like it. Personally delivering a client’s christening album.

That moment you pop it into their hands, they sit down and slowly open up the beautifully crafted box.

With a big cheesy smile that gets bigger and bigger with each leaf they turn.

Page by page are greeted by the smiling faces of their children & loved ones.



That look of gratitude when they look back up and say thank you so much for perfectly capturing my little ones special day.


Yep, best job in the world.