A beautiful day at Domaine Chandon – Melbourne Christening



Sensational Melbourne afternoon at Domaine Chandon.




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New year & new direction, Melbourne Christening Photographer

Welcome to 2015!

With 2014 being a very interesting mix I am really excited for 2015!

I am looking at getting back to basics this year and really focusing on what I truly love to create for my beautiful clients & re-aligning with my personality & ideals.

Now for something totally unrelated:



Its funny how more difficult it is to simplify and streamline what I create that what it had organically grown into over the last few years. Please keep an eye on this space (my website Jelly Bean Photography) for my updates which are all designed with both my existing clients and new clients in mind.


Looking forward to meeting lots of new families this year,

Love & Light,


Family Portraits – Melbourne




I met this family many years ago. At the time I was doing some work for a retail chain, capturing their clients christmas portraits. This younger family with their teenage boys laughingly said their boys would never have their photo taken. Well I really happy to say that it may have taken a few years but they are one awesome family to work with.


I hope you enjoy this session as much as I enjoyed creating it for them.