Popular Christening ceremony choices

To further assist families thinking about Christening or Baptising their children, I have put together some of our clients favourite and most requested Christening Ceremony locations.  I can highly recommend visiting any of the places of worship below and have a chat to the Pastors & Fathers, and find one that you can connect with!

I have my favourites but that is a post for another time 😉

Greek Orthodox Parish of ST. Eustathios

Located in beautiful South Melbourne, the Parish of Saint Eustathios is white little chapel with a very warm welcoming feel.

The Parish Priest is Reverent Christos Dimolianis (you will see him feature often in our Christening Photography as both he his Parish is very popular for Christening services).

Reverent Christos is extremely down to earth and easy to speak to. His ceremonies are spoken in both Greek and English and go for just the perfect amount of time.

If you are thinking of Parish of ST. Eustathios, book early to avoid dissapointment as being central and very popular with families (and Brides). The Parish can be contacted on (03) 9245 9008, 221 Dorcas St, South Melbourne, VIC 3205 .




These places of worship are in no particular order



so you’re planning your child’s christening

This one is close to my heart. Even as a christening photographer, with the recent arrival of my little boy Lukas, it’s time to start planning our next family christening!

For me personally, the first and hardest step was to decide on who to ask?

Now; it was really easy selecting the person we wanted to ask but it was the ‘what if’ questions we had as parents.

What if they say no?

What if the beliefs of our god mum to be didn’t match our own?

Will our child’s god parent be committed to to sharing their journey for life?

What will be the longevity of our relationship be between our two families?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be revisiting this article & providing my insight as both a parent and  photographic professional.

See you soon,




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there is nothing quite like it – {Melbourne Christening Photographer}

Jelly Bean Photography - Christening Album


There is nothing quite like it. Personally delivering a client’s christening album.

That moment you pop it into their hands, they sit down and slowly open up the beautifully crafted box.

With a big cheesy smile that gets bigger and bigger with each leaf they turn.

Page by page are greeted by the smiling faces of their children & loved ones.



That look of gratitude when they look back up and say thank you so much for perfectly capturing my little ones special day.


Yep, best job in the world.